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Fishing on the wild and scenic Selway River and its tributaries is astounding!  It’s beauty and remote location coupled with absence of fishing pressure make it one of the best native west slope cutthroat fisheries in the country.


Cutthroat trout fishing on the Selway River is less well known than other rivers because it’s remote and tends to be floated more often by whitewater rafters than anglers, but some do both.

Only one launch per day is allowed during the permit season, making it a trip where you often won’t see another rafting party.


Selway River Adventures offers fishing on every trip we run but on our July 18th trip we run rafts specifically designed to fish just two anglers while still running the same rapids. These smaller rafts are designed to be much more maneuverable to get you into the spots where the fish are and these rafts are easier to slow down so your fly gets a good long presentation to our hungry trout.

The Selway is a catch and release river and single barbless hooks are mandatory. These restrictions ensure we will have this resource for generations to come.

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